WoW Guild Rankings

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3 new heroics down tonight. Great work everyone!

Heroic: 5/7
Imperator Mar'gok
December 16, 2014

Also last night, Imperator Mar'gok ate a pile of his own arcane turds.

Normal difficulty Highmaul is complete!
Heroic: The Butcher
December 16, 2014

Last night, The Butcher went down on heroic difficulty. Here's a nice up-skirt shot as a reward.

[em]Heroic: 2/7[/em]
Heroic: Kargath Bladefist
December 07, 2014

The first boss of the expansion, Kargath Bladefist bit the dust on heroic difficulty tonight and we didn't even break a sweat.

The Butcher, on the other hand, was a total gear-check. We'll be back for him.

At around 1:00am we finally conquered the Blue Bar Boss and were able to log in! Grats, everyone.

But seriously, we'll be trying again 4 & 6 December (Thursday & Saturday). This will be Normal-mode Highmaul and attendance will be optional because these are both off-nights.

We return to regularly scheduled raiding on Sunday 7 December for Heroic Highmaul.