WoW Guild Rankings

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Mythic: Twin Ogron
March 29, 2015

Went back to Highmaul and 2-shotted the Twins for a huge bump to our realm ranking.

Heroic BRF: 8/10
Mythic HM: 2/7

Boats 'n' Hoes

Heroic BRF: 8/10
Mythic HM: 1/7
Heroic: Kromog
March 08, 2015

After a few too many attempts, we tried 3-tanking this guy and it worked!

Heroic: 7/10
Mythic: 1/7

Heroic: 6/10
Mythic: 1/7
Heroic: Oregorger
February 23, 2015

Heroic: 5/10
Mythic: 1/7