WoW Guild Rankings

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Don't worry, I didn't forget. On Sunday night Mythic Kargath bit the dust!

Mythic: 1/7

Tonight we got ahead of the "Impregnator's" curves. Heroic: Imperator Mar'gok down!

Heroic: 7/7
Heroic: Ko'ragh
December 30, 2014

After a brief holiday break, we came back to Highmaul on this fine Tuesday to kill six heroic bosses, including one new one!

Heroic: 6/7

3 new heroics down tonight. Great work everyone!

Heroic: 5/7
Imperator Mar'gok
December 16, 2014

Also last night, Imperator Mar'gok ate a pile of his own arcane turds.

Normal difficulty Highmaul is complete!