MoP Raiding Requirements

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MoP Raiding Requirements

Post by kencaid » Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:13 am

The following is required to raid with Taurential Reign in MoP. These requirements are aimed at keeping the raid flowing smoothly, and position the guild to be more effective during scheduled raid times.

Gear Optimization: We will call out anyone who does not optimize their gear with the appropriate gems/reforge/enchants/glyphs. For those who do not know how to do this, please speak with an officer and visit This site is not perfect, but works well for most DPS classes/specs.

Rotation: All raiders are expected to have thoroughly researched their respective classes/specializations, and know the proper rotations/talents.

Specialization: I expect that all raiders will spec appropriately to their gear, skill level and the need for AOE/Single Target damage for certain fights. I do not want to see people significantly decrease their DPS with an inferior spec because it is more fun. One persons fun can ruin the raid for 24 other people.

Professions: All raiders are expected to have two raiding professions. A raiding profession is defined as two professions which contribute positively to a persons HPS or DPS. In essence, this means no farming professions for raiding toons. The only exception is mining for tanks, as this increases their health pool.

Fight Mechanics: In order to keep raids moving smoothly, I would like all raiders to read / watch boss fights in advance. I will be posting this information to the forums. I do not want to spend 20 minutes explaining crap to people. A quick overview should suffice. Respective officers will assign people to tasks accordingly.

Consumables: Feasts/Flasks will be provided by the guild, but potions are expected for all raiders, and should be used twice per fight (once before the inital pull, and again during the fight, normally during bloodlust). Consumables also includes having gold available for repairs beyond the 200g maximum supplied by the guild.

Questions: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS. I also want feedback as we raid, but at the appropriate time (not mid fight). Simply whisper an officer you are comfortable with, and provide your suggestion/feedback. I only have the perspective of a Warrior Melee DPS for each fight, so in order to tailor our guild to certain fights, I will need feedback from our healers, ranged DPS, tanks and other melee dps.

Being on time and Attendance: This will be a bigger issue in MOP than it was for Cata, as we can no longer group summon. We will require that all raiders be repaired, have consumables (including dust of disappearance) and be inside the instance by the scheduled start time. I do not want to see someone in a city, or a BG or something ridiculous when we should be pulling trash and killing bosses. In addition, please post on the forums if you will be missing a raid.